Tethered Dog Beach


Hello from the Seeburger breakfast table in Oceanside, Cali! Our last full day here and my compadre Nick and I are going to gear up to head out early tomorrow morning. Yesterday’s stuff is below! Stacey has fed us Very Well… We like that. Hmmm, guess what House Dog – we hittin’ the road Soon! Tent drying out for repack and Nicky on the Droid Blog and Plan The Trooper got the Full Service car wash. Nice concept, and I …

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We Are Family


Good Morning, the Marine Layer is hanging around here in Oceanside and the day’s plans are starting to shape up. I’ve got an update for ya, and I hope things are good where YOU are at Yesterday’s tour. “A” is Stace and Tom’s place. “B” is Bob and Caroline’s place. 6:00 a.m. – The backyard is alive with noises! Kylie is sounding the alarm that there is a varmit in those bushes!! I crouch behind the barefooted Stacey, while we …

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OceanRide, California


Hello Y’all! I finally am dragging myself away from the back porch to spend some time on this computer. Hope your day was good! Got here to Oceanside about 6:00 last night and have been Very Relaxed Every Since! This is the Route Map Yesterday, tried to stay on the 1 and 101 as much as possible. What’s that you smell Rox?? The Road?? Oh Yeah, Let’s Hit It! EAT BUGS… My bug collection includes specimens from Western Colorado, Utah, …

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The Other Way


Monday Greetings from Pismo Beach, California, United States of the World. (only a few will get that A nice night’s rest has begun the day early… Although we may have a little car trouble this morning. I am letting the Trooper sit and think about what it’s done for a while. So here I am. In a coffee shop. On the computer. Hmmm, places we never would have considered ourselves to be… Yesterday’s trip was South again. Starting out Beachside …

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Vista Cruiser


Good Afternoon! I’m chillin for a bit off the 101 somewhere south of San Fran – the Golden Gate was Awesome!! Those pics will be tomorrow. Today is our journey from Oregon’s Sandy Coast down to the 1 highway in Cali – past the Redwoods…Enjoy Pretty basic looking from here, head south. Trust me, this looks waaaay more simple than it is lucky me! Sun-Up at Darling’s Resort. This is a Where’s Waldo type pic – my tent is in …

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Brown, Green & Blue


Happy Saturday! Lakeside Bloggin’ here at Darling’s Resort near Dunes City, Oregon. GREAT Driving Yesterday! Here are a few pics and thoughts, THANKS to each one of you who is reading these pages. I really feel that I’m not alone out here when I know that others are checking up on me. You Rock!! I hope your weekend is great where you are at! Just like the map shows… Brown then Green then Blue! Leaving Vale in the Morning, I …

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Comfort Zones


Good Morning, from a bench outside the Harney County Library in Burns, Oregon!Nice day here, not a cloud in the sky again – I think that is three straight days like this. Here I have yesterday’s route and pics. Hope you’re having a Great Week!! Starting up by Yellowstone I wanted to stay on 2 lanes and hit the Craters of the Moon – Great Choices, both! I found a Scenic Falls turnout right away, but the cost of Five …

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Goin’ Parkin’!


Good Morning – from the Wild Rose Resort in Island Park, Idaho! The staff is cute and friendly and We got WiFi so blogging comes first this morning. Yay! Here is Wednesdays Wild Ride. Here is yesterday’s drive – It Was REALLY pretty. I’ll prove it in the pics to follow. Sunrise at Flaming Gorge Roxy liked our campground last night – she was free to roam and we had chillax time. Per Sgt. Smith’s recommendation – we hit the …

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Hey there, It’s just Me again – this time from Afton, Wyoming. Beautiful day so far and headed to the Tetons. I’ll post here my pics and notes from yesterday. I hope your week is going swell so far!! My route yesterday – One Dandy Drive!! The first moments after a great night’s sleep. Holy Crap Roxy!! We’re a long way from home and headed further! They say truth can be stranger than fiction and many moments like this, and …

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On the Rocks


Hello from a McDonald’s in Steamboat, Co – This is my second spot I set up to work on the blog – the first was the back end of the Trooper in a parking lot at a public park… This is more comfy – less dog-hair-eee and the connection is much faster! Today’s update will be yesterdays pics and thoughts I wrote out last night at camp. Today’s goal may be all the way to Green River, WY – we’ll …

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