Brown, Green & Blue

Happy Saturday! Lakeside Bloggin’ here at Darling’s Resort near Dunes City, Oregon.

GREAT Driving Yesterday! Here are a few pics and thoughts, THANKS to each one of you who is reading these pages. I really feel that I’m not alone out here when I know that others are checking up on me. You Rock!! I hope your weekend is great where you are at!

Just like the map shows… Brown then Green then Blue!

Leaving Vale in the Morning, I had my first experience at an Oregon Gas Station. “Real Nice Guy” Rob came up and asked me “how much and what kind?”. Huh?? He explained that it would be illegal for me to pump my own gas and he was there to do it. Cool. Thanks again Rob!

Outside of Vale there were many Brown hills. These were outlined with an river. Most were not. Lots of Brown Hills – LOTS!

In between Burns and Bend I stopped for a fill up and things were still brown, but the owner here, Gary, was another Real Nice Guy. Lots of them here in Oregon.

At Bend, the Scenery changes Drastically! These are two of the Three Sisters.

Beginning of the Green!

Rox and I, up on Mckenzie Pass

Very Nice Couple from Portland, they liked Roxy and took our pic. I like meeting mountainside friends :)

My first try at uploading video. This is from driving UP the Mckenzie Pass. The trip Down was at least 10 times twistier and fully shaded with trees. Awesome Driving!! I almost made myself Car-Sick! A bunch of Beemer Bikers were up there for a rally and they were Gittin’ It on the curves and twisties. I just pretended the Trooper had 2-wheels and enjoyed the drive. Greggy’s Vette would have been Sweeeeeeet up here! Road Trip Gregg??

Mckenzie River. Yes. I like this place too!

And So did Rox

Dinner in Eugene with Buddy Mike from Dave Ramsey’s Counselor Training. Mike was the spearhead for our Grand ‘Ol Opry run to see Charlie Daniels. So good to see him again and thanks for Dinner and Directions Mike! If you’re in the Oregon area, he is a Financial Fitness Coach as well. When he sends me his link, I’ll post it for ya!

This is Greeen Driving! The hillsides were just packed with green-ness of all kinds! Reminded me of a green version of the Cookie Monster’s fur… Yup, I’m a little kookie!

Getting close to the coast, rivers are flowing west.

BLUE!!! See that at the top of the GPS??

SunSettin’ at Darling’s resort. It’s on a lake and I will see the ocean soon enough!

California Dreamin by the campfire

Just occured to me that the TREK has gone as far West as Possible…

For the second night in a row… I manage… to set up this tent… UNDER THE ALL NIGHT LIGHT!!

What a great day of driving. I really enjoyed cruising the roads of Oregon.

Out in the Brown, the speed limit was 55. I was getting blown by, keeping up with traffic, at 75. Okey Dokey…

In the Green mountain passes and the twisties through the trees, the speed limit was 55. I hardly ever got going that fast for all the curves. Cool…

I wonder what the Blue will bring… Can’t wait to find out!

- A

I felt like I’d been skippin song-after-song on the Ipod yesterday to find a good one for posting. Then this morning, out of nowhere, I find myself singing this gem in my head… Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Brown, Green & Blue

  1. Harry says:

    Thanks Aaron for making this trip, now I don't have to. You saved me a lot of $ and time and ware and tear on my vehicle.

  2. Sarah says:

    Aaron there are many of us checking up on you. Except I need to stop reading your posts at work. I don't think people coming in to tan want to see a tear-y eyed receptionist :)
    Sounds like an amazing time you're having and I know many people who could only talk of doing such, never really doing it.
    Drive safely and give our Cali family lots of love for all of us back home :)
    LOVE Sarah M