Royal Ride

Hey There and Hello from the road. Literally. Nick is driving, and I’m running the laptop from my cell for internet. We’re on I-70 about 45 min from Manhattan, KS.

So sad that the journey is almost to come to a temporary moment of stillness, or in-between-ness. Till the next one!

Anyway, here is yesterday’s update with pics and such. Hope ya like it!

North out of Durango, Co was a half of the Million Dollar Highway Loop. Sweeeet!

Morning Blogging at the campground was Hummin‘ with these little guys. Probably 20 or so zinging around and squabbling over room at the feeders.

Beautiful morning to be on the road outside of Durango

More fantastic Colorado scenery. I’ll share several shots here :)

This high up, you’re literally in the clouds.



A stop at a mountain pass lookout point. Lots of Dogs up here and travelers sharing the views.

I think Rox was eyeing some of the other canines around here…

Had to shoot this one for Cousin Brandy – Couldn’t be prouder to know such a Stud of a Soldier. He’s a Blackhawk pilot for the National Guard. He was part one of the Flying Monkeys, runnin‘ combat missions in Iraq, among his many missions. Say a prayer for all our servicemen, women and their families, Thanks!!!

The road was pretty high up at times. Sheer drop offs and we went through a little Switzerland town up in these mountains too :)

Out of the tight mountain passes and back around some Mesas and such.

Finally a River Stop for Rox – She REALLY missed these out in the desert!

Just Pretty ain’t it?

Blue Mesa lake 26 miles long, and chilly water. Looked Fun though – it was glasss!

This lake just went on and on!

A stop for late lunch with LD and Chad, a couple of Nick’s buddies who were working out here. Real nice guys and glad we got to hang out. We even have several mutual acquaintances. Small World!!

More clouds, little baby shower in the late afternoon.

Nick was the photographer of the day, I was FOCUSED on the Road… Like always :)

Back to the Mountain views…

A stop at the Royal Gorge had Nick and I cracking up on the bridge. Quite a funny feeling. The bridge is moving constantly, and it IS way way up!

We were having fun up there.

The the drive across was a little crazy. Cars and people and the popping and creaking and cracking sounds of the boards underneath, really made it seem like the bridge is coming apart under your wheels!

Camp was set up right outside the Gorge and the evening was so peaceful and nice…

Rox was Pooped!

Sun setting and things getting quiet :)

Campfire crackling…

Neighbor Les stopped by for A beer…

Then Nick and I noticed a little place across the road with a couple neon signs. We thought we should reward ourselves with a couple cold Buds…

Bartender Bri agreed!! Several Times!!!

And of Course it was Karaoke night too!! WOW, anyone surprised by this?? FUN NIGHT, late start to the next morning!!!

The summer mountian roads of Colorado are just wonderful. I will be back. This fly-by of the country has helped me to determine my next points of interest for future journeys. Thank You for keeping up with the roadtrip here on the blog. I’ll have more pics from the finishing up of things and probably a wrap-up/blooper blog and probably more preachings too… So stay tuned in!

Right now Nick and I are pulling into Aggieville… Hmm, looks like this Ride ain’t over yet!!

- A

Here is the Sweet Sound of Neil Diamond… Nick and Pal were just as harmonious!!

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  1. Harry says:

    Great job Arron and Nick.