How about an update from last weekend’s family time and my return to Kansas-family moments… also known as Home Sweet Home!

Well I need to clarify – not all the family that I spent time with was Kansans :) So lucky to enjoy fun moments with Cousin Megan and Jonny’s ‘lil Buckeyes!

Jon flew down (boy were his arms tired!) from Columbus and brought little Melissa and Tristan!! YAY!!!!

In this moment, They showed that they DO get along sometimes!!

Especially when there is a kitten for each of them! We thought the cats were being so nice to be played with so much, and later T-Bug said “The Cats Bite Us.”

These kiddos love My sister Amanda :) I do too :)

See! Told Ya!

‘Ol Jonny had a good time again in Kansas. Our Hospitality is simple. Love, Laughs and Cold Beer!

We love these kids like crazy! Right Jess!

Saturday the 31st at Clinton Lake, We all partook in the Re-naming ceremony for Uncle Stan’s Chris Craft Cabin Cruiser!

Of Course, we had honorable individuals to assist in this somber and very un-sober ceremony! We spoke to Poseidon and released the “Missy Hippy” name to the depths of the Lake… Long Live the “PATRIOT”!!

What Re-naming ceremony wouldn’t be complete without a Father/Son moment where Brandy (the Son) flew his Blackhawk low and slow above us for the finale!! I caught this pic on his second pass.

The Ohio kids had a ball in the waters of Clinton Lake!

And made new friends too! This is a Mini-Megan shot for sure!!

The festivities continued for hours!

Stan was flying a flag that came from the Epping Forest Yacht Club – Where his brother, Uncle Steve was Harbor Master… How Appropriate!

The little Kansas Cousins were having fun too, Right Bryson!

Oh, and the Big Ohioan found toys to play with.

The Patriot (Now Official) said Farewell and our day on the water was just about over…

Right Cotton??

Darren opened the Captain’s Call and we motored on back to the dock and our Campsites.

Momma Kell was ready to get off the boat and out of the heat. What a Trooper!! Her and Darren’s little baby girl Harper is just about here! YAY!!

Joe ponders the physics of the tiny propeller and our massive ski boat’s speed and power!

Back at camp, Cousin Brandy (Blackhawk Pilot) and his family are setting up their camper for the night. Little Amelia is just about as cute as it gets!

And we love the Wader-Tater and big Sis Scout too! Sorry didn’t get Scout’s pic :(

Yes, Roxy was glad to be camping again, she much prefers it to the hum-drum life under the shaded porch at home.

Another night around the campfire… except it was waaay to hot for a campfire here!

Really does it get much better??

The timing of the trip from the Ohio kids fell perfectly into place with my intense thoughts of love and of missing thier Mom. Being with them and seeing how they are just wonderful little beings and wanting so much to just hug the heck out of them all the time, made me happy and sad both. I’ve said my thoughts throughout this blog and if these pics don’t reinforce my message, then I don’t know what would.

I just love that our Family/Extended Family finds ways to stick together at all times and places importance on each other. I love you All, and I will always know that we are looked upon from the great beyond and helped and supported constantly.

This week I am focused on building my new company True North Financial Fitness Coaching. I have had lots of response to the blog and questions from folks who want to better understand their financial situation and start to really reach for thier goals. As I transition from Traveler to Go-To-Guy for Money Questions, I’ll think of all the kids in these pictures. As we learn to take control of our finances, make smart decisions and save for our future, we automatically and radically change the future of these children’s financial lives. Not only will our generation have more money in our accounts, but we will be teaching the little ones, by example, how to handle their own finances properly from square one. Many generations of our own family right now, will benefit from learning the simple lessons that our Grandparents always knew and has been lost in the last 50 years of social attitude toward credit and keeping up with the Jones’s…

To continue my committment I give you a quickie overview of Dave Ramsey’s (basic common sense) 7 Baby Steps!

1. $1000.00 Emergency Fund

2. Pay off all debt with the Debt Snowball
3. 3-6 Months Expenses in Savings
4. Invest 15% of household income into Roth IRA’s and Pre-Tax Retirement Savings
5. College Funding
6. Pay off the House Early
7. Build Wealth and Give!

- A
What a Message!! Let’s look at The Man in the Mirror!

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