Right Turn

Hey there! Here is a post from yesterday’s drive back to Manhappiness! I’m blogging live from my very own kitchen in Princeton, Ks… Feels SO WEIRD!! Have hit a brick wall once I pulled in the drive and haven’t unpacked a thing yet :) might just keep going!

Here is the route from Cañon City, Colorado to Manhattan, KS – The Most Direct Way, Right??? More on that later…

Our night at the Whitewater Grill was FUN, and we did get off to a little later start than normal :) This was our last look at the Mountains as we were Eastbound and Down…

I drove, Nicky Napped.

Rox still loves the road!

Nick was excited to visit Rocky Ford. As a very young girl, his grandmother, traveled out here in the summers to pick vegetables. It is a very fertile farming area!

I took this pic and little did I know it would end up describing the rest of our day!

Nice Melons :)

A Shout Out to all my friends At Hasty Awards!!

Hay Loaves

Lots of Wind Turbines out here in Colorado… Wait a minute… Why are we still in Colorado?

Aaron – “Oh Crap! Wake up Nick! We are in Springfield, Colorado!!”

Nick – “huh?? what… BS!! We are just east of Lamar! Look Here!! …. HOLY &*$##!!!! YOU ***&&%%%$#!!!!!”

Needless to say it got quiet for a bit after that!

……… …….

Okay Cool, Finally to Kansas! Wow, feels like home right across the state line!


More Windmills out by Dodge City…

With our slight detour, we were running out of time to stop and blog – so I cranked up the laptop in the car and used the phone for my internet connection… Couldn’t do this out in the mountians! Actually having continuous cell service is something special!

Out on familiar I-70 getting close to Manhattan

Ahh, the ol familiar world of Aggieville and hanging out with Becky and some Bombs…

I guess us boys kissed and made up and enjoyed the rest of our evening :)

What can I say? It has been one helluva ride and sitting now in my kitchen it all feels surreal. I am going to still post some more wrap ups and thoughts. Don’t go away yet :)

I’ll cut this one short, cause the next ones won’t be. Thanks for your interest and support through all the wanderings, Love Ya!!

- A

Another Band of Heathans song – This one is “Say”. I really wish I could find better versions to post. The CD quality songs are just great. Much improved from these vids. Thanks and check back soon!

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One Response to Right Turn

  1. Harry says:

    You two are something else, what that "something else" is I will not go there. I am so happy you made it home safe and sound and Trooper and Rox will get a rest. It must be nice there in your kitchen, was there any food?