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Family Circle

Welcome back to the blog for an Aspen update. Come with me as we spend the weekend honoring Captain Steve Nichols and celebrate his life among family and friends in the most photographed spot in Colorado! This blog contains several days of pics and thoughts… Thanks for wanting to be a part of this important event. Shane, Uncle Steve’s Son, and I took the scenic route out to Denver, then scenic route to Aspen, then cruised the Seventy back home, …

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How about an update from last weekend’s family time and my return to Kansas-family moments… also known as Home Sweet Home! Well I need to clarify – not all the family that I spent time with was Kansans So lucky to enjoy fun moments with Cousin Megan and Jonny’s ‘lil Buckeyes! Jon flew down (boy were his arms tired!) from Columbus and brought little Melissa and Tristan!! YAY!!!! In this moment, They showed that they DO get along sometimes!! Especially …

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