Tethered Dog Beach

Hello from the Seeburger breakfast table in Oceanside, Cali! Our last full day here and my compadre Nick and I are going to gear up to head out early tomorrow morning.

Yesterday’s stuff is below!

Stacey has fed us Very Well… We like that.

Hmmm, guess what House Dog – we hittin’ the road Soon!

Tent drying out for repack and Nicky on the Droid

Blog and Plan

The Trooper got the Full Service car wash. Nice concept, and I left a big tip for the guy, he deserved it!

Stacey’s front yard is full of Crazy Plants. Dr. Suess got his inspirations from these things!

These are from Madagascar??

Mutt and Jeff are on the way to the Beach.

Nick’s first visit to the Pacific. This was our trip to Tethered Dog Beach.

Those waves will sneak up on ya’!

We had been playing fetch in the Ocean and Rox was having a Great time. Then a Baywatch Bunny came Sprinting up to me, to tell me that “On this Dog Beach, the Leash Must Be Held at All Times!” Well Shucks!

Rox found a friend and got to play, as long as we all tightly held our leashes! KeAhi and her owners were from Temecula and really cool. Rox was trying some of her ‘ol kansas tricks and playing hard. I think she remembered for a minute that she is actually a dog!

On to Torrey Pines for a beach walk – but first Stacey gave us a medical lesson on crushed vertebre.

Follow the Blonde! On the hike down to the beach.

Cool weather, great scenery.

Hole in the wall

Down on the beach, we enjoyed our walk back.

The loud waves crashing, the sand between your toes. Nice.

Stacey is REALLY funny, did I mention that?

Although I do like our names in a heart together :)

Black and Tan Sand, Grey Sky, Seaweed Clumps & Calico Cliffs.

I vandalized the cliffs using my sister’s name… Sneaky!!

A cold pitcher of brew at Cardiff on the Sea.

Bob Was Proud of his tomato crop, till Nick “The Hammer” judged ‘em out – 4H style. 5th to 1st left to right.

Harry and his Gee-Tar entertained while the pork was finishing up on the Traeger.

Bob’s Back Yard.

The Best pic I could get of Carolynn. She’s sneaky!

Cool Night, Cool Suds, Great Food!

Bob figured he needed head protection while perched up high on his stool. What a Fun night!

Speaking of Tethered Dog Beach, and how Rox and I didn’t find that leash-law appealing. I think another metaphor has found it’s way into the trip. We didn’t stay long and that wasn’t our Bag. One more fine day here and then it is Back out on the Road. Back to the Un-Tethered.

- A

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2 Responses to Tethered Dog Beach

  1. Harry says:

    Thanks Aaron!

  2. Sarah says:

    Ooooh Bob, what a guy!
    Wasn't Torrey Pines spectacular! I remember when Stacey took J & R and I!
    Enjoy your trip back!! <3