Happy Friday to you! While we’re letting the day slowly rev up to head north. I’ll send out a quickie update!

Looks like the trip to the White Mountains near Bishop, California is going to happen today. The BristleCone Pine trees there, Earth’s oldest living inhabitants, will get a visit today, by earth’s sexiest inhabitants, as seen below :)

Ahh, a nice man stew after breakfast and we were ready for the day!

Bread of Life – Homeless Shelter & Food Pantry. The Kansas Kousin’s joined the Seeburger’s weekly volunteering, and greatly enjoyed it!

Nick and Jeff loading the fridges.

We had a great time & did a little work.

I really tried to get Nick to stand under this poster, but okay, Stace probably needs it too :)

We worked up an appetite and headed over to Johnny Mañana’s for lunch. Tasty Place!

SkatePark Dreamin’!!

Sippin Suds

I bought a shirt :)

Stacey picked up some new duds too :)

A walk on the pier, busy day at the beach!

Fishin and chillin on the pier is a popular pastime around here.

Grey skies didn’t keep the people away

At Wal-Mart for supplies the Trooper’s battery gave out in the Parking Lot… Good Place to do so! Yes that is an allen wrench and a screw used to keep things tight on the new terminals :)

As we pack up, Rox is ready!

SOO glad to get to hang with the Comstocks!

And glad to get to take more flower pics!

Discussions? Jokes? All of the above!

Skaters came bearing gifts

And sportin’ battlewounds!

And learning life lessons from Uncle Nicky.

After all that action, they needed a break in the Manrage

Another great dinner to send us off. Thanks Tom!!!

Grandpa and the Boyz, getting the blazes going… It was built beautifully :)

Cowboy and the Campfire.

Like Father, Like Daughter

Another Great Night, but Mañana it’s time to head out :(

What can I say. Our family is wonderful, mostly all parts of it. Even Nick! So glad to have spent the time out here to get to know this side of the family better. GREAT Hosts, Great location and another spoiled week for the dog.

I have to tell you that therapy on this trip has come from all directions. Of course the mind-blowing views of nature have had thier place. But the love and friendship of the people in my life has blown me away as well.

Hanging out with Stacey is surreal. That spark. The same genes that made Megan such a gift to spend time with, is present and concentrated in her. If you’re missin our Ohio cousin, as I am… Come and spend some time with your Cali Cousin. It doesn’t fix a thing, but does make you remember, smile and laugh your ever-lovin ass off. Thanks Stace – You are a wonderful cousin, awesome parent, talented cook, great late night campfire conversationalist, and so much more. Lots of love and we’ll see you again sometime for some more great Mañanas. Soon I hope :)

- A

The Gin Blossoms for Stace. And now Nick, Rox, the Troop and I – Hit That Road!
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