Twisted Roots

Good Morning from the Holste Homestead in Atwood, KS! Yesterday’s Big Adventure is mapped out below – My gregarious host, Jared, and sweetie Laura treated me to a tour of this grand land!

After lunch at Herndon we headed North to the beautifully unknown Oak Canyon. This steep walled slice in the earth holds the only native Oak population in SW Nebraska. We spent some time hiking and relaxing in the shade of Burr Oaks and Giant Cottonwoods. The canyon with it’s cool springs and caves would’ve been a great spot for the indians and pioneers to camp out on their journeys.

Plaque from 1934 tells a brief history.

Grand Ol Cottonwood.

This was a favorite of the Oaks, with it’s Twisted Roots. I felt a kinship with the tree, it stood strong, and gnarly. I think my Twisted Roots have given me a similiarly tough grip on the earth.

Host Jared gave Roxy the royal treatment – she got to ride everywhere we went in the back seat of his big ranch rig… She loved it.

Laura had her hands full hanging out with the boys. She was a trooper and even though this was a peaceful pic – her day had other challenges :) I called it her Senior Pic – Jared thought it called for a cursive logo in the corner and a watermark.

Half of Devil’s Gap near the three corners.

The Arikaree Breaks are an amazing land formation. the gulches and canyons have sheer drops that descend from the most average looking surrounding farm ground. One minute big wheat field, next minute a Mini Grand Canyon!! Awesome!

Jared’s Studio Shot – he called Roxy’s name to get her to pose for this one :)

We had a great tour of the area, I was blown away by the contrast of huge fields and these canyons… Really felt lucky to have such a great host.

After the drive we stopped at Big Ed’s Steakhouse – a famous spot in Bird City – the food was Awesome! The wait however had us almost to the walk-out point after 2.5 hours! Oh Well, a couple cocktails and some laughs… Time really does fly by when you’re havin’ fun.
Today, I’m off to Dever to see Ruskin, Lisa and new baby Abbi – May even find Ryan, Kat and their new baby boy – who I can’t find his name on facebook :(

The first week of this trip is really going awesome, thanks for following along, I’ll update again soon!!

Jared and Laura thought I should put this song up for Roxy and I… Guess I take requests ;)

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One Response to Twisted Roots

  1. Kelsey says:

    Your friends made a great request on the song… very fitting! I love the tree picture. Sometimes beauty is found in the most uncommon of things.

    Glad you've had a good 2 days thus far.