A Shell, A Stone, A Bone & A BHAG

Good Morning from Atwood Ks! Yesterday was a great start to my trip with beautiful weather, country & friends.

We’ve talked about the Shell and the Stone. Now I have a Bone that Cousin Brandy lent me. A carved eagle head from deer antler has been a good luck charm to him and fellow soldier Sean Hornbuckle. This “success” has been passed back and forth between them on various tours of duty – I hope to get a list of all the places throughout the world that this object has been. I’m proud to bring it on my journey, THANKS BRANDY!!! And we all appreciate your service!

Roxy and I left town around 9:00 and had our first stop at Council Grove Lake, just enjoying the weather. Puffy white clouds against brilliant blue, over vibrant green and golden wheat. Kansas at it’s best!

Lunch in Beloit with Kelsey was great! I had been listening to Dave on the way out and we had lots to talk about. She is a fellow finance coach and we shared uplifting stories of helping folks find hope in their financial situations.

More good scenery and a big ball of twine and then Atwood around 6:00 – Host Jared Holste took me on a “cattle-checking” tour of Rawlins County, icluding Ludell and Herndon where there is a great watering-hole. Wish I would’ve had my camera! I’ll try to post some atwood pics tonight.

Thanks for keeping up on my blog – it feels great to know you all care…

Oh Yeah… The BHAG??? Well that is what we call a BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL… It occured to me yesterday that this trip is most definetely a BHAG!!!!

- A

More Kid – Check out the Lyrics… Great Tune

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2 Responses to A Shell, A Stone, A Bone & A BHAG

  1. Kelsey says:

    Lunch was great! I was expecting a picture of your time at the World's Largest Ball of Twine :-) If you didn't get one, I guess you'll just have to come back. Have a great trip. I'm excited to travel along through your blog.


  2. Aaron Nichols says:

    Kelsey, I have a great pic of Roxy in front of the Ball-O-Twine – couldn't get it to load! I think I'll put up all my various pics on a Facebook album to get those in there.