Happy Sunday from Kayenta, Arizona – Or as Nick says “Ellis Island!”

Yup, it is a foreign country ’round here!

Yesterday’s drive across the Desert of Nevada was eye numbing and scorching HOT! I won’t bore you with lots of brown hill pics, but here goes the update.

Morning was BEAUTIFUL in the altitude and coolness of Big Pine Creek.

Rox thought the water was a little Chilly for a dip.

That is snow up on them peaks!

Big Pine Creek Campground – INYO National Forest… Any other questions??

Really nice scenery up here.

Back out on 168 east out of Big Pine. Twisties Galore!

Lots of scrub – Lots of cacti – Lots of sand and HEAT.

Oh yeah, and a “former” and an “operating” brothel!!

Stop at the doorway to Death Valley – Lots of foreign travelers here.

Finally some clouds and even a desert rainstorm… Much Needed out here I’m sure.

Glad to capture the Desert Rain

We stopped for a quick moment to say hi to Andre and Mona – Mona is my Grandpa Bill Smell’s sister. THANKS to you both. It was So Nice to chat with ya in the AC!

The Strip – At a Distance – A Safe Distance!

More desert mountain views

This storm caught us at Mesquite, but helped cool off the campgrounds later.

I like cloud pics!

Sweeet Canyon Pass into Arizona

Even Nick can take nice pics!

Just HAD To!

Getting close to Zion National Park

Camp is set. By a River. For Free. No Facilities… A Shower is sounding REAL GOOD about now!

Nothing like FB on a Droid and the Laptop going to feel like Campin! Another great night around the campfire with cousin Nick-O-Lie!

What a drive today. After a small hiccup with the car this morning in Big Pine (which turned out to be a false alarm) We blasted across the biggest roads we could find. The hot weather of this desert really changes your attitude about meander-ment and stopping to smell the roses. Again, TOUGH individuals who made a stand out here the in exposed furnace-blast of treeless sandy soils.

Poor Rox is ready for the cool air of the Rockies again! So in the morning we’ll hit Zion and beyond. Eastish is the direction… I think we’ll get to wherever that somewhere is supposed to be :)

- A

This classic came on the radio during one of the rare moments of reception :)
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